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WATAX - Seller paid - Test Item DO NOT BID OR BUY
test item DON'T BUY OR BID
Test listing - DO NOT BUY - mouse pad
Test listing - DO NOT BUY - nike shoes
test listing do not purchase this old fashioned test and dog bed
eBay Tests 'Auctions Ending Soonest' Gallery in Search Results
The eBay Observer Blog noticed eBay is starting to roll out (or test) the new search-results design that shows a scrolling horizontal gallery with "auctions ending soonest ... I thought eBay might roll this feature out only in certain categories, such ...
Legend of Zelda prototype appears in current eBay auction
For the Legend of Zelda fan who has everything, an eBay seller has listed what they say is a prototype ... which does see the word TEST screened onto the printed circuit board inside. The case is not a standard grey NES cartridge case, either, nor the ...
First-Time Shopper On Ebay? 5 Important Things You Need To Know
On most sites, you search for the product you like, find it, and if there are enough left, you buy it at the best fixed price you can find and then wait for it to arrive in the mail. On Ebay ... First, you need to do your homework or else you’ll end ...
Buyers kick virtual tires on eBay Motors auction site
DETROIT — With his 12-year-old son navigating, Mark Stilwell has made about a dozen cross-country trips in the past few years picking up cars he purchased on Internet auction site eBay. Martha Fligor, 69, rides in her 1998 Indianapolis 500 ...
The Real Reason eBay Is Stuck
“It would make eBay more sticky, make it a place where people could hang out,” he says. But his idea didn’t pass eBay’s stiff test: instant, measurable profits. “Only ideas with ... dropping everything else, to figure out what eBay ...
Test listing - DO NOT BUY - dog fence
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Test listing - DO NOT BUY - dog fence with wooden stoppers
Test listing - DO NOT BUY - wood clamp
WATAX - Seller paid - Free shipping - Test Item DO NOT BID OR BUY
My first Pebble Beach car bacchanalia, where too much is never enough
There are several sales, but I went to the RM Auctions one, held at the Portola Hotel ... There was much kissing and hand-shaking among his group, who were clearly excited to have scored. “Congratulations for everything!” someone said to the winner ...
The K-State formula: Returning QB + Bill Snyder = 11 victories
Test ... 1. The numbers illuminate a trend that bodes well for senior quarterback Jake Waters, who threw for 2,469 yards and 18 touchdowns last year. “The expectations we put on ourselves are way higher than last year and way higher than anything anyone ...
The Future MBA, week 7: Monitor student mood and campus food
Students would have access to a set of courses specifically focused on the questions and concerns that this group of students has, but they also would have access to everything else happening on ... be a space to sign up for one-on-one sessions with ...
Press Start: Diablo III is the ultimate console local co-op game
With the rise of online multiplayer gaming over the last decade, the idea of sitting on a couch and playing a video game locally with a group of friends ... at all — your friend can do exactly everything else you can. As long as your co-op partner ...
Pirelli to test low-profile tyres on Lotus at Silverstone test
Pirelli will test low-profile tyres on the Lotus at next week's in-season test in order to see what a Formula One car will look like with tyres ... That's the biggest challenge but everything else is remarkably okay. You'd be surprised, you can control ...
Fleming bats for Dhoni, calls him best option as Test skipper
"It is fine just to say that the captain has to go, but if you are giving the problem to someone else without ... under pressure, one of the first things that can be solved is communication. We know working in isolation or in a little group, you are ...